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How to Boost PPC Efficiency: 7 Factors of Results That Are Below Average


Prior to losing your mind and hurriedly trying to implement fixes to boost PPC performance (and your PPC bids), take some time to try to pinpoint the potential source.

Regardless of the platform, these are the seven most frequent causes of your internet advertising account’s subpar performance:

1- Changes to Your PPC Ads Account

PPC Keyword Changes

Have you lately activated or paused any keywords? Were any additional keywords introduced that might have caused the price to rise excessively? Usually, in this situation, there will be noticeable cost adjustments.

Updates to Ad Text

Have you lately changed your ads? Inadequate recognition and assessment of ad adjustments might also result in subpar performance.

Changes to Ad Targeting

Your target audience will change as a result of changing your targeting parameters. The new audience can be smaller or larger, respond to the same advertisements differently, and have different buying habits. False targeting choices have the potential to completely cut off your traffic.

You Changed Your Products or Website

Changes to the Website’s Design

Has your website undergone any recent changes? Have you adjusted the wording and color of a website or moved a button? The way consumers find the items and information they need on your website and the conversion rate of your website could both be significantly impacted by these adjustments. Experimentation is essential.

Tracking Pixel Changes

Has your conversion tracking code been moved? Does it function now? Verify with the person in charge whether everything is operating.

Product Changes

Your ability to compete with other companies will be impacted if you raise your prices or modify your delivery charges. This will impact the frequency of purchases made by visitors to your website.

New Settings In Your PPC Management Tool

PPC Objectives

Verify your objectives twice. Do they make sense? Has anything changed recently? After significant occasions like sales or the Christmas season, did you make any adjustments?

You Had No Objectives

Using a bid management tool and letting your account run on autopilot is like letting a car drive itself. Yes, it will go quickly, but in order to get where you’re going, you have to tell it. The first thing you should do with any bid management tool is set a reasonable target.

Competition: New Players in the Industry

When new players enter the market, CPCs often increase and everyone else’s advertising performance deteriorates. Is there a good way to boost PPC performance? Keep a step ahead of the opposition!

competitor bidding

Because of the intense competition, CPCs could get pricey if rivals choose to place more aggressive bids for the same keywords you are utilizing.

Brand Bidding

Although bidding on rival brand keywords is dubious, there are instances in which strong competition puts pressure on your own brand keywords. You can choose to give up or continue battling for a lesser rank.

Seasonality and Benchmarking


Results may be impacted by a seasonality in your account. When your primary business takes place around Christmas, comparing January to December will always give you a pessimistic performance forecast. Consider seasonal influences when reviewing campaigns and when establishing expectations.

Problems with Benchmarking

If you take too short a time, especially if your account performance varies daily, the results could differ significantly.

Conversion Delay

Don’t forget to account for users’ requirement for a little delay between clicking and buying when assessing performance. There may occasionally be a weeks-long gap between clicking on the advertisement and making the purchase. This creates a contradiction whereby recent days or weeks consistently appear worse than preceding times.

User Behavior

Another element that will impact performance is user behavior. Some users just don’t convert as well some days, and there isn’t much you can do about it.

External Events

The weather

Users are impacted not just in the offline world. Unexpected temperature increases or severe weather, such as storms, might have a beneficial or negative impact on your website’s conversion rate and clickthrough rates (CTRs) for certain keywords.

Political Events

These occurrences are uncommon, but if they affect the industry you work in, demand shocks could be severe.


Your internet advertising results will suffer if your products become outdated since consumer interest will decline.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is critical to tackle the problem with a methodical troubleshooting mindset when dealing with underperforming PPC accounts. You can determine the potential reasons for the performance decline by taking into account the different elements discussed in this article.

Don’t forget to perform thorough assessments of recent modifications, rigorous testing, and setting reasonable targets in line with your business objectives. You may improve the performance of your account, boost conversions, and accomplish your marketing objectives by being aware of the nuances of online advertising and taking proactive measures to overcome any obstacles.

By employing a targeted troubleshooting methodology, you may facilitate the acquisition of solutions for enhancing PPC performance and take prompt action.

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